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Our mission:


Parents and teachers working together to engage our students and boost our school is at the heart of what drives the Wasatch Elementary Parent Teacher Association. Everything we do is aimed at empowering and supporting our community. We love our school. It's that simple.


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What We Do

Our goal at the Wasatch PTA is Community Building through educational and health initiatives, advocacy, and celebratory events so that all of our students and families feel welcome and supported.

Hosting of Open House, New Parent Breakfast, the Halloween Carnival, May Arts Showcase, and the Family Fun Festival.

Sponsorship of health projects: Project Link, flu shot day, and hearing and vision screenings.

Support renowned school arts program through Annual Fall Online Fundraiser that raises funding to ensure every student at Wasatch can enjoy dance, music, drama and the visual arts.

Promote literacy through STAR Reading tutoring program, Book Fair, Book Clubs, Scary Story night.

Collaborate with the School Community Council to advocate for children and their parents at the local, state and national level.

Support teacher and student enrichment through teacher/librarian professional development and training.


The Impact

Sometimes it's hard to put a number to the impact that a PTA can have on a school community, but we think it's important. Why? When parents and teachers come together to volunteer, show up, and raise money, great things can happen that enable students to thrive and get the best educational experience possible. We can't do this without you!



hours volunteered

We're proud to be one of the most active parent-volunteer schools in the Salt Lake County district, averaging 3,000 hours of volunteer time each year.



Avg yearly raise for programs

Each year, we raise over $60,000 for programs through strategic fundraisers that support our unique Arts Program, Science and Technology opportunities, and continuing education for teachers.



Students, faculty & Staff  

That's just 480 individuals. When you count their families, Wasatch Elementary is in the lives of over 2,000 people and the PTA has a terrific opportunity to enrich and support our community.



It's cool, fun & you'll be the envy of your friends. We promise :)

Ok, we admit it. Often times just getting kids out the door every morning and trying to coordinate all their activities and our responsibilities at work, home, and community can be overwhelming. Who has time to volunteer or get involved in another thing?

But what if we framed it this way? ... How is PTA helping your children right now? How is it helping you? Do you love Wasatch and want to see it continue to grow and thrive? If your answers are yes - WE NEED YOU! We have numerous opportunities to volunteer at home or in the school . YOU DON'T HAVE TO COME TO PTA MEETINGS! 

Just think - if we all gave a little bit of our time and expertise each year, we can move mountains.


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